Ordering Information


QR Scan Signs: 

Signs can have up to 3 QR codes: 

Cashapp. Paypal. Zelle. Apple Pay. 

Please email screenshots of codes you want.

What color do you want in the back?

What color font do you want? 


Budget Binders: 

Colors: Lavender, Pink, Black, Mint Green, Red, Mint Blue

5 Envelopes Included - Additional Envelopes are $4 a piece 

Please send 

  1. color of binder
  2. What you would like cover to say and COLOR
  3. categories for envelopes (examples rent, car, insurance, vacation, kids, etc) and COLOR
  4. Regular font or cursive 

Templates showing font will be sent before printing.


KoolByK Shaggy Jacket Ordering Policies❤️

  1. Please provide color or colors of MAIN JACKET BEFORE FRINGE 
  2. Please provide color or colors of fringe strings 



Personalized Color Changing Cups: 


Any name or phrase can be added as well as most symbols. 

  1. All words, names, or phrases to be added and the color of EACH 
  2. All symbols to be added and the color of EACH 
  3. Templates will be send out before printing and cups are made 

Personalized Elephant Birth Stats are $40 a piece: 

1. Name (please specify if you want first and last name plus first initial or just first name and first initial) 

2. DOB

3. Weight at birth 

4. Length at birth 

5. Time of birth 

  1. Your two color choices 
  2. Color of elephant - gray or pink



Personalized tiles:

1. White tile or clear tile?

2. Colors?

3. Just tell me what you would like it to say and I’ll send you examples before I actually make it to make sure it’s exactly what you want. For example: KoolByK in the background and the slogan ‘Kreating Out Of Love By Kenichia’ going thru it

4. If you would like your cash tags included on tile plz send me a screeenshot 

5. Turn around time is 7-14 days. Please note shipping and turn around times are totally different. 

6. Absolutely no refunds. Custom orders take a lot of love, time and patience to perfect so I do not offer refunds.